A Virtual Wardrobe Auditing Service


Welcome to the heart of Size Wise™ Closet Coach, where our story unfolds. It began with a vision to revolutionize the way we approach fashion - making it a perfect blend of style, fit, and sustainability. Rooted in the philosophy of enhancing personal branding through ideal fits, we embarked on a journey blending fashion with technology.


Our patented Size Calculator was a groundbreaking start, offering precision in fit like never before. We then harnessed the power of AI and machine learning, elevating personal shopping experiences to new heights. Each step was guided by our commitment to reducing fashion waste, advocating for sustainable choices, and fostering a community where each individual feels confident and empowered in their unique style.


As we grew, we remained anchored in our core values: promoting health, sustainability, and personal wellness through fashion. Our services, from wardrobe audits to image assessments, are more than just about clothes. They are about transforming lives, one wardrobe at a time.


Join us in our mission to reshape the fashion landscape, where technology meets personal style, and sustainability is woven into every fabric of our being. This is our story, and it's just the beginning.


✅ 2016 | Patent #8429025 was obtained and incorporated in Florida.


✅ 2017 - 2018 | (AI)machine learning enabled, launched landing page, approved to be an Amazon, Rakuten, and Awin affiliate.


✅ 2019 - 2021 | Prototype validated, testing with early adopters begun.


✅ 2022 - Today | Awarded Trademark from USPTO, released Cover Stories, launched Virtual Closet Coaching and a Chrome Extention.


What's next? We're continuing to test and refine our product so that we can bring you the best possible experience.


Level up your style

Size Wise™️ Closet Coach transforms your closet! Our closet coaching service meticulously organizes and revitalizes your wardrobe, while our certified consultants assist you in crafting and maintaining your ideal style.

Discover your perfect fit and embrace your unique style identity with our tailored style assessments. Damion defines our services as empowering individuals to embrace their style choices with confidence.

Let us be your compass on your journey to a more confident and stylish you.

Empowering style confidence


Our core belief at Size Wise™️ Closet Coach is that everyone should feel confident and comfortable in their clothing. It is our mission to provide you with tools and services designed to enhance your sense of style confidence.


With Size Wise™️ Closet Coach, every outfit is a chance to feel fantastic, inside and out. Providing a world where clothing returns are a thing of the past, and personal style satisfaction is the norm, we're here to help you find that perfect look for any occasion.


“The cost of US return rates reached $816 billion in 2022.

Mastering personal style with Size Wise™ Closet Coach


At Size Wise™ Closet Coach, we excel in providing a tailored shopping experience.

Here's a summary of our benefits:

• Accurate Size Calculator: Our patented tool ensures precise fit recommendations based on comprehensive measurements.

• Personalized Service: We offer individualized closet coaching and style assessments, alongside virtual styling sessions for a bespoke fashion journey.

• AI-Driven Recommendations: Our machine learning algorithms curate choices tailored to your preferences and size.

• Extensive Tools and Resources: From tutorials to a chrome extension, we offer varied resources for your style evolution.

• Cost-Effectiveness: Our services help reduce return and shipping costs, adding value to your shopping experience.

Our commitment is to empower you with confidence and style that's uniquely yours. For more details, visit the Size Wise™ Closet Coach.